Star Dog Series

stardogStar Dog Legacy (Book 1)

Star Dog Legacy

by Lucas C. Wheeler

Star Dog is the invention to end all inventions. He’s strong, he talks, and he’s man’s best friend with a bunch of new accessories.  In the not-so-distant future, scientists have built a genetically engineered prototype that will change the world forever, and now for the first time, he’s his own biological entity. What is he a prototype for? A rescue dog, a law enforcer, a companion, or even a weapon. It all depends on who’s influencing him, and all the dogs they want to make just like him, but all he wants is to control himself. After a life in the lab, he’s granted a complete family that loves him no matter what. What could be more perfect? Threats are brewing right at home and corporate rivalries threaten to tear Star Dog apart from the inside. Can he overcome a foundation of code to be his own individual? Or will he lose everything in the scuffle?

Available NOW on Amazon, KU, and Paperback, February 1st, 2017

stardog-2 Star Dog Corruption (Book 2)

Star Dog Corruption (Star Dog Legacy, #2)

by Lucas C. Wheeler

After the Star Dog Fiasco, as it was termed by the media, Star Dog is joined by Nathan, Nicole, and Clancy while trying to rebuild his life.

In the midst of a serial jewel theft and deepening conspiracies, can Star Dog truly fit into society, or will society reject him like a bad organ? Will he be able to stop the thefts and honor his name, or is there something more sinister at work?

All in all, something is deeply wrong in Star Dog’s mind. He can’t stop having nightmares about the family he lost, and his sleepwalking is becoming dangerous. What keeps luring him back to the magical junkyard that he once considered his kingdom?

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Star Dog Liberation (Book 3)stardog-3

Star Dog Liberation (Star Dog Legacy, #3)

by Lucas C. Wheeler

Star Dog and Clancy have spent months hiding in an abandoned apartment, and tensions and paranoia are beginning to rise. A threat still looms on the horizon, and it’s searching for Star Dog. She’s about to find him.

There’s a new German shepherd on the streets of Prism City, and the news can’t stop covering all her criminal endeavors – except they identified the culprit as Star Dog.

Whatever vendetta she feels compelled to settle against Star Dog, when she targets someone close to home, Star Dog feels he has to act. He vows to bring an end to the Star Dog technology, once and for all. No matter what it takes, or what it costs.

Available for Pre-Order on Amazon and KU! Releasing Sept. 4th, 2017.