Star Dog: Earth’s Last Shield

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stardog-spinoff-concept-title2 Star Dog: Earth’s Last Shield

A spin-off of the Star Dog Legacy series (novel series by Lucas C. Wheeler now available on Amazon), Star Dog: Earth’s Last Shield is a tale about a German shepherd, failed police dog that encounters a thin spot between worlds, and is forever changed.

But he’s not the only one.

Being infected with star dust from another dimension, the police dog that no one would take as a partner develops abilities all his own. Human intelligence and speech are the foundation, while he also discovers his ability to manipulate and direct energy.

Dreams of entering the Police Academy Hall of Fame crumble as new villains arise from another world and from right at home, intent on tearing down the new Star Dog and bringing the metropolis, and the rest of the planet, to its knees.

Is Star Dog worthy to be Earth’s last shield?

Find out weekly every Tuesday.