Which Came First?

The Chicken or the Egg?

Genetics are a hobby of mine, and I do not proclaim to be an expert by any means. This is just a fun little discussion I had with myself while theorizing the true answer using genetics and crude drawings. This is just for fun, if it happens to interest you. 🙂

I can prove that the egg came first.

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The Best Reward

When I was younger, I watched my mother play a slot game online. While it was like many others of its type, colorful and loud, and lining up the cherries made you feel like a winner, it had a unique feature too. Every time you lined up the right things to trigger a bonus round, at the end of it you were rewarded with a snippet of story. That part was the whole reason I watched, and I begged my mother to write down any I missed. Continue reading “The Best Reward”