Confessions of a Partially-Reformed D-MISE Agent 10/24/17

When I heard about the island purchased by Vertier, I knew immediately what they had intended to use it for. The transaction itself wasn’t even public knowledge by any means, but I knew it was tied to their involvement with D-MISE. I never understood what attracted them to make such bad business decisions – did the strong allure of our leader or promise of power lead them astray? You know what they say about the hearts of men, how easily poisoned intentions can be. Even though the higher rungs of negotiations were behind tightly locked doors, I knew the honeyed words of our leader served as the fatally-tipped dart that sealed the deal.

The island was meant as a dumping ground for D-MISE’s experimental pets. Whether it was meant as a death sentence or a haven is still indiscernible, but either way, something had to be done. Prism City was waking up. There were too many disappearances. Too many tales. Too many stains. Some citizens still called for a reasonable explanation, but they were among the few who hadn’t seen them themselves. They hadn’t witnessed the darkened shadow in the alley that would rear up and swell until it was too late. They hadn’t witnessed things moving in the dark, jarring manhole covers and fire escapes in the night.

There’s only so much that people are willing to accept. Those trapped in the poverty that Prism City had manufactured screamed for something to save them, but their savior was now gone, and so was the Vertier leadership that would have done something about the monsters. What a world when the fate of the city lied not in the elected mayor or councilmen, but instead in the hands that held the technology and the position to deal with D-MISE. At least, until one was assassinated, and the other was given the janitorial duty of cleaning up the negligibly loosed monsters. After those debacles, D-MISE pulled away from the company entirely, and I don’t blame them. I never fully respected that choice to begin with, but it had its perks.

Now the island is off-limits, and the monsters have free reign of the city, with only a pampered businessman and a hell hound on the streets to face them. Prism City doesn’t stand a chance.


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