Two Truths and One Lie

Star Dog’s Internal Dialogue, Disc 83:

“I spent a lot of time as a floating consciousness, and that gives one time to travel along all the permutations that a life can lead. I wondered who I was, who I could and would be, and who I might be. In all the facets of life that I could traverse, I never could fully explore every nook and cranny of any style or taste I might possess, even though I had virtual eons at my disposal.

What is reality?

If I looked deep inside myself, could I glean what my consciousness had a penchant for over any other? Was this truly me, or just programmed memories?”

Contest Announcement:

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting flash fiction pieces that will show non-canon scenarios in Star Dog’s life, inside and outside of the timeline for Book 1. Two of these will be “truthful” in the sense that they could happen, and the other will be a lie. Having read the first book will be helpful, but blind guesses may succeed.


  • Answers may not be submitted until all three scenarios are posted.
  • The first three correct answers will win the prize.
  • Email answers privately to
  • Do not publicly post answers or share them. Disqualification or contest removal may occur.
  • I reserve the right to end the contest without fulfillment at any time, or modify the prize pool as I see fit.


  • Free eBook copy of Star Dog Corruption









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